Viio for Procurement

Intelligent software procurement that maximizes savings and lets you negotiate with confidence

Up to 30% of SaaS and cloud spend is wasted – Viio helps you win it back. Get complete visibility into your vendors, contracts, renewals and licenses, automatically identify opportunities to save, and negotiate confidently with real-time usage data.

Viio for Procurement

Why use Viio?

Save 20-30% on software spending

Unlock 20-30% recurring, annual savings through our unique combination of a data-driven platform and seasoned expert services.

Unlock 360º visibility

Achieve unprecedented visibility into all the software contracts, spend and usage data that is normally siloed away across teams and departments.

Minimize waste, maximize savings

Automatically identify wasted licenses, duplicate contracts and more – and save big on renewals with our fully-managed negotiations.

“At first, I was skeptical about Viio delivering results, as I believed our cost-saving efforts were effective. However, Viio exceeded our expectations, adding significant value that pleasantly surprised me. Partnering with Viio now feels as natural as having an additional member seamlessly integrated into our team."

Morten Johnstad-Møller

CFO & Global Partner

Negotiate with confidence – or better yet, let us do the work

Leverage real-time data in your SaaS and cloud negotiations, or go one step further, and let one of our procurement experts handle it for you end-to-end.

  • Manage all your procurement cases from one central tool
  • Negotiate renewals and purchases confidently based on usage and benchmark data
  • Fully-managed procurement service, to handle negotiations on your behalf (optional)

Make procurement streamlined and strategic, finally

Let our platform identify and act on saving opportunities, remind you of renewals, and handle your process end-to-end – so you can focus on more strategic matters

  • Intelligent recommendations for rightsizing, downsizing, redundancy and more
  • Stay ahead of renewals and avoid tru-ups and other costly surprises
  • Create a streamlined intake process for new purchases

Unlock 360º visibility of vendors, contracts and renewals

Get a centralized view of all your SaaS and cloud vendors, contracts and usage data, which was previously scattered across departments.

  • Manage all your software and cloud vendors, contracts and spending in one place
  • Send surveys at scale, to engage employees in license decisions
  • Track usage and uncover potential shadow spend 

Ready to start saving?

Viio is the modern way for procurement teams to optimize their software spending and negotiations. We’re eager to show you how.


Average annual savings


Average return on investment

90 days

Average payback period

Stop guessing, start acting

Ongoing alignment sessions & guidance from our SaaS Management success consultants.

  • Save 30-50% of your total SaaS spend
  • Endpoint Shadow-IT Discovery
  • SaaS Utilization & Cost Insights
  • Renewal Management
  • License & Vendor Management
  • Employee Utilization Insights
  • Budget & Forecasting

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