Viio for IT

Unprecedented visibility into your SaaS tools, utilization and spend data

Forget about manual spreadsheets or clunky asset management systems. Viio gives you complete visibility into your software vendors, contracts and licenses, automatically identifies opportunities to save, and rids you of shadow IT.

Viio for IT

Why use Viio?

Unlock 360º visibility

Unlock 20-30% recurring, annual savings through our unique combination of a data-driven platform and seasoned expert services.

Save 20-30% on software spending

Automatically detect unused licenses, redundant tools, and excess spending – and create significant savings on renewals.

Uncover shadow IT

Our comprehensive discovery engine helps you shine a light on shadow IT and spend, so you can take back control.

“Viio’s automated discovery engine is a must for us in order to have visibility, access and control risk across all our tools. Viio has really helped us boost our efficiency and also saved €150K+ on our SaaS budget. We have been using them for 2+ years now and are very happy“

Jonne Heiskanen

Head of IT

Unlock 360º visibility of vendors, contracts and usage

Get a centralized view of all your SaaS and cloud vendors, contracts and usage data, which was previously scattered across departments.

  • Manage all your software and cloud vendors, apps and spending in one place
  • Track usage and uncover shadow IT with our comprehensive discovery engine
  • Send surveys at scale, to engage employees in license decisions

Optimize your SaaS and cloud stack

Easily identify and act on opportunities to optimize licenses, consolidate tools and remove redundancies.

  • Find and harvest unused licenses, overlapping tools and unnecessary spend
  • Stay ahead of renewals and avoid tru-ups and other costly surprises
  • Track usage and rightsize contracts and based on data

Negotiate with confidence – or better yet, let us do the work

Leverage real-time data in your SaaS and cloud negotiations, or go one step further, and let one of our procurement experts handle it for you end-to-end.

  • Manage all your procurement cases from one central tool
  • Negotiate renewals and purchases confidently based on usage and benchmark data
  • Fully-managed procurement service, to handle negotiations on your behalf

Ready to start saving?

Viio is the modern way for IT teams to optimize their SaaS & cloud spending. We’re eager to show you how.


Average annual savings


Average return on investment

90 days

Average payback period