Complete App

Great SaaS Management starts with complete visibility. Discover and track every app being used and establish a single source of truth that is automatically kept up to date.

  • Complete transparency into SaaS usage
  • Identification of undiscovered Apps
  • Flexible data breakdown

Spend & License Management

Viio helps you manage all your organization’s SaaS suppliers and purchases. Optimize your tool box and make informed decisions based on Viio's thorough analysis. 

  • License management
  • Spend overviews
  • Informed purchasing decisions

Usage Insights
& Optimizations

Optimize your SaaS Operations with actionable insights. Inform vendor on/off-boarding and purchase decisions. Track SaaS usage in real time and keep your SaaS stack lean at scale.

  • Optimize app utilization
  • Identify engagement trends
  • Streamline SaaS operations

Assess, Control,
Secure & Comply

Guard your privacy and protect your company by securing third-party compliance and analyzing potential risks. Add your personalized vendor requirements and remain in control and updated with our security notifications.

  • Automated risk analysis
  • App vendor compliance
  • Complete vendor database


Workflow automation will be a force multiplier for your SaaS Management. Avoid bottlenecks and human errors and see your SaaS Management become exponentially faster and more accurate.

  • Easy on/off-boarding of employees
  • Accurate task execution at scale
  • Quick and flexible setup process

Discover wasted SaaS licenses in minutes

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